Strong Play

Strong Play is a Canadian not-for-profit that helps everyone across Canada receive education in health, technology, sports and the arts.

Strong Play Collage Youth and Senior Education Programs in health, technology, sports and the arts.
Empowerment Through Education 

Strong Play provides Youth and Senior Education Programs in health, technology, sports and the arts.

Our online and in-person youth and senior education programs provide youth and seniors with education and fundamental skills across fitness, nutrition and technology.

During COVID-19, Strong Play participated in the Red Cross Emergency Community Support Fund (Red Cross ECSF) to assist youth by providing online sports, technology and arts programs and education to students all across Canada. 

Our mandate is always to get into the community through in-person or online programming. Our expert teachers provide in-depth programming in custom-made programs.

Strong Play is where anyone can grow and obtain knowledge and feel empowered.

Our Impact


The Strong Play community provides education programs for seniors and youth alike, empowering a large community. We provided many programs including helping Seniors enjoy and learn modern technologies and teaching the new generation of youth cutting edge digital design techniques.

Strong Play runs summer camps and development programs all across the GTA. Check them out here. 

Our Sponsors

We are proud to be partnered with Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Canadian Red Cross.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resilient Community Fund helps support organizations involved community engagement, tourism and recreation through a variety of attractions, experiences, programs, events and activities.

The Resilient Community Fund has been awarded to Strong Play for the operations and programs it is offering to the vulnerable youth and senior communities. Over the pandemic, we’ve been honoured to assist 1000 youth and seniors with access to educational programming to help enhance their sense of community, belonging and well-being.

Strong Play was honoured to run online programs in 2020 as part of the Red Cross Emergency Community Support Fund for children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Red Cross provided financial support and funding in order for us to provide robust programming and materials to families. Online programming was provided to over 800 students across the Greater Toronto Area, providing programming that enhances confidence, fitness and participation for students.