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Creative Arts Program

Creative Arts is a program developed by Strong Play to help students learn different fundamental art forms. Creativity is a skill that is more and more useful in our technological and information-driven age.

Throughout the program, students will learn drawing, cartooning, different styles of painting, arts and crafts modelling, and learn elements of branding and different design work.

Students engage in creative endeavours such as painting on canvases, painting miniature models, learning how to draw cartoons and learning how to draw and build concepts for their own comic book heroes.

This is the perfect intro for any aspiring art student, and perfect for every child who wants to have fun and build and use their creativity!

Digital Arts Program

Our online graphic design program takes students through the basics of graphic design. Students create digital cards, create their own custom branding, and learn how to create modern media such as movies and slideshows for any use. A useful skill for life! Ages 10-16.