Strong Play
Senior Programs in Action

Senior Programs in Action


Strong Play has been very active in the community with Senior Technology Empowerment, Nutrition, and Physical Activity at the forefront.

Senior Technology Empowerment: 

Working with Laptops, Ipads, Tablets, exploring the internet, cyber-security, zoom and facetime. Helping Senior ages 65-80 become comfortable with all modern communication technology, from general principles to providing individual solutions depending on the technology or gadget.

Health and Wellness

Our health and nutrition programs focus on the foundations of a healthy and long life. We worked with seniors online to provide physical exercise to music, and health and wellbeing talks, allowing seniors to not only learn but share their secrets of longevity to youth.

Music and Fitness Physical Activity 

  • Doing no weight-bearing, light exercises to classic dance music over Zoom.


  • Nutrition and Longevity Principals
  • Blue Zones centenarian studies, having seniors share their own secrets to longevity.