Strong Play
Ontario Trillium Foundation

Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resilient Community Fund helps support organizations involved community engagement, tourism and recreation through a variety of attractions, experiences, programs, events and activities.

The Resilient Community Fund has been awarded to Strong Play for the operations and programs it is offering to the vulnerable youth and senior communities.

Strong Play is very grateful to announce our participation with the Ontario Trillium Foundation Resilient Community Fund. This fund helps us to continue to develop our online and in-person programs despite the various challenges served to our communities during the pandemic. Our programs provide youth and seniors with vital knowledge and fundamental skills across fitness, nutrition and technology.

Over the pandemic, we’ve been honoured to assist 1000 youth and seniors with access to educational programming to help enhance their sense of community, belonging and well-being.

We would like to thank the M.P of Markham-Thornhill R.H Logan Kanapathi, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services Member, Standing Committee on Public Accounts for his support.