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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

The Strongplay Youth Experience

Here are some of the youth programs provided by Strongplay:

Youth Programs Overview

Strongplay works with many different partners to offer the highest quality education to youth in technology, sports, and the arts.
Our various offerings are offered in online and in-person weekly programs, camps, and academies.
Online Programs: Weekly group classes offered by expert coaches
Camps: In-person and online day camps, supporting children from 9:00am-4:00pm.
In-School Programs: Strongplay works with the TDSB, TCDSB and York Region for very effective weekly programs.
We offer the following: Technology Programs, Sport and Dance Programs, and Creative and Digital Arts Programs.

Strongplay Youth Programs Collage


Students learn the fundamentals of soccer fitness and core strength training following online with Strongplay Coaches. Students follow along and learn the basics of positioning, skill work, fitness and strength.


Students learn the fundamentals of basketball fitness and core strength training following online. Students learn the basics of the game, positions and obtain the core mental, fitness and ball mastery skills to be a great basketball player.

Basketball Picture StrongPlay


Strong Play dance programs cover the fundamental skills and progressions of the two popular dances of hip-hop and jazz. Elements of fitness, stretching, and leadership are included in the programming.

StrongPlay Dance

Creative Arts Program

Creative Arts is a program developed by Strong Play to help students learn different fundamental art forms. Throughout the program, students will learn drawing, cartooning, different styles of painting, arts and crafts modelling, and learn elements of branding and different design work.

Strongplay Creative Arts

Digital Arts Program

Our online graphic design program takes students through the basics of graphic design. Students create digital cards, create their own custom branding, and learn how to create modern media such as movies and slideshows for any use.

Strongplay Digital Arts

Coding for Kids - Beginner

Students learn the basics of coding, creating really fun sequences and games.

Strongplay Youth Coding