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Red Cross


Strongplay was honoured to run online programs in 2020 as part of the Red Cross Emergency Community Support Fund for children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Red Cross provided financial support and funding in order for us to provide robust programming and materials to families.

Online programming was provided to over 800 students across the Greater Toronto Area, providing programming that enhances confidence, fitness and participation for students.

We ran technology, finance, leadership and art programs such as 3D Design, Coding, Financial Literacy, Goal Setting and Success Tools through the Successful Leader, and Creative Arts.

We also ran a range of sports programs such as Basketball, Soccer, and Dance, which helped students develop fitness, hone skills, and learn strategy.

Reviews from Parents: 

Krystina, K: Coding and 3D Design: Our daughter took the Strong Play online 3D and coding classes and she enjoyed it immensely.  She had taken in-person coding classes from other organizations before and found them to be somewhat repetitive.  She expected the Strong Play coding classes to be the same but she still wanted to do it because she did not have as many activities during the pandemic.  She was very surprised and was very happy to tell me that she was actually learning new things this time and was having a lot of fun with it.  She was even doing it on her own time to play with the ideas the teacher gave the class.  Thomas, her 3D and coding teacher, was amazing.  He knew exactly how to communicate with the kids, was extremely patient and knowledgeable.  He went overtime by quite a bit sometimes because the kids were eager to show their work or just to answer questions.  This was a great experience for my daughter.  It renewed and sparked her interest in coding and 3D.


Natasha, The Successful Leader: It was a really wonderful and extremely well run class. Thank you


Tomoko, Creative Arts: “My daughter took the Creative Arts class and she loved it!! The instructor was very knowledgeable about Art and the content was very fun! Highly recommended!”


Jason, Coding: “The instructor went beyond to ensure that all the kid’s questions were answered and assignments were taken up.”


Sasha, Basketball: “Great Job!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Amy, Future Millionaires: “This was a great class for my 8 yr old son to learn all about money. The focus on the fundamentals of finances was great, and the group discussions and questions were very helpful.”

Melrose, 3D Design, Future Millionaires, Creative Arts: I have known Strongplay since my children were in kindergarten. We enrolled them for swimming class then we moved but still I received communication through email. This October I’ve got an email from Strong play about free online programming and of course who wouldn’t like free stuff for our precious children at this time of pandemic. So I did registered my 2 kids for these amazing online classes such as future millionaire’s club, creative arts and 3D design and more coming this month. And for sure I did share it to my friends, acquaintances and co-workers. For creative arts they provided everything – crayons, coloured pencils, construction papers, glue, paint brushes, acrylic paints, scissors, erasers and pencils etc. we picked up theses free stuff at their office with nice friendly staff and reminded us to share it with friends. I received a zoom meeting code in the morning to get in their class in the afternoon. Kids love it and we parents are so thankful for this opportunity that you have  shared for  us. God bless you more!!

Tomoko, Creative Art: My daughter took the Creative Arts class and she loved it!! The instructor was very knowledgeable about Art and the content was very fun! Highly recommended!

Shoshana, Coding: My son loved the coding class. I’m hoping he can do a more advanced program with Strong Play going forward.

Creative Art: Thank-you to Strong Play for an amazing online art program.  It was creatively engaging and my daughter looked forward to the classes!

Marina, 3D Design and Coding: Tashi really enjoyed both 3D design and Coding Classes with coaches Thomas and Sean. He achieved great progress in both and most importantly he enjoyed it a lot and was looking forward to every single lesson. I was very impressed with the quality of teaching, both coaches are great with kids and very knowledgeable at what they are doing. We would really want to continue with classes in case you have a Progression classes in both subjects. Thank you very much for giving my son opportunity to learn and  to enjoy your classes. I would definitely recommend Strong Play to my friends with kids. 

Parisa, Leadership and Soccer. Ava loved the leadership course and was very much looking forward to the millionaires club. Ava learned several strategies in the leadership course that she found very useful. I think you and other coaches are great inspiration for the kids and have a lot to offer. Please let us know if any of these courses are available again