The Benefits Of Technology Use For Seniors
The Benefits Of Technology Use For Seniors

The Benefits Of Technology Use For Seniors

Seniors Using Technology

Technology is advancing rapidly, and it can be difficult for adults to keep up with the constant technological changes. A recent study suggests seniors are keeping up with the changes, as 67% of adults 65 and up say they go on the internet. This is important because technology has a lot of benefits for seniors. This blog post will go over why seniors should use technology and the benefits it has for them. 

Why Should Seniors Use Technology?

Technology benefits everyone, especially seniors, as it allows us to stay connected with friends and families. Technology also allows seniors to be more independent and learn how to do things without the help of others. Overall there are a lot of benefits of seniors using technology that we will discuss further below that highlights why seniors should use technology. 


The Benefits Of Seniors Using Technology

As stated earlier, technology benefits seniors; below, we will list how technology helps seniors and break them down. The top benefits of using technology for seniors are: 


  • Keeping Connected With Friends and Family 
  • Improves Your Mental and Physical Well Being 
  • Provides Information and Entertainment 


Keeping Connected With Friends and Family

In today’s age, it is effortless to keep in touch through technology, primarily through the internet. While nothing can replace in-person communication and time spent with friends and family, social media has become a great way to stay in contact with loved ones for seniors. Many seniors report they are lonely, as one in 4 adults over 65 live alone, and over half of those over 80 say they feel lonely. Also, a study shows over 40% of seniors have reported experiencing chronic loneliness. Technology is a great way to combat these feelings of loneliness through connecting with friends and family on social media. Using video chatting platforms like face time and skype is a great way to communicate with loved ones through live video. Technology is very beneficial because it presents many ways to stay connected with their loved ones to combat loneliness.

Improves Your Mental and Physical Well Being 

Technology has many different and continues to advance to benefit seniors’ mental and physical well-being. A significant benefit of technology for seniors is that it can help improve cognition and memory skills. There are various “brain games” available to seniors through the internet that they can play to stay mentally sharp. Some studies suggest that playing “brain games” is very beneficial as it helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline, and dementia as they age. These games include sudoku, Tetris, solitaire, and chess. As well social media for seniors is beneficial for their mental health. Seniors who have positive experiences on social media are likely to see an increase in their mood. Also, an American Psychologist Association study showcases that seniors who spend more time on social media are more likely to engage in activities that are better for their health. These activities include cooking healthier recipes and finding more efficient ways to clean their house. This study also showcases that seniors who use social media have lower blood pressure, lower instances of diabetes, and reduces bad habits such as smoking.  


Provides Information and Entertainment

The internet provides various outlets for seniors to stay informed and entertained. Older adults would rather use the traditional means of news, such as newspapers and paper articles. However, technology provides a more convenient way for seniors to stay updated with worldwide news and information relevant to their needs. Seniors can subscribe to their favourite news providers’ articles online to get a constant stream of new information that they are interested in. This provides more convenience for them as they can get the information as it happens instead of waiting for the hard copy of the newspapers to be released. Also, e-book providers such as Kindle are an excellent way for seniors to read their favorite articles and books. Kindle allows users to download up to 3500 books and articles so that seniors can stay informed on the news and download books for their leisure. On top of the benefits, technology provides endless information, it can also provide seniors with entertainment. There are various streaming services, such as Netflix seniors can use to watch their favorite tv shows and movies. On top of streaming services, as stated, the internet provides various games seniors can play for entertainment, which also benefits their health.


In conclusion, technology is very beneficial for everyone, including seniors. The significant benefits of technology use for seniors are; they can combat loneliness, improve their well-being and stay informed on up-to-date information. Ready to start using technology? Strong Play has an incredible program that teaches seniors technology literacy head to to learn more!

Learn How To Use Technology

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